1 Timothy 4:14 “Do Not Neglect the Gift That Is in You” (NKJV)

When we are born again, God places something very special within each one of us. This special thing is called a “gift.” The word translated in the scripture above is the Greek word “charisma.” This word carries the meaning of the result of God’s grace deposited into our lives. It’s where God bestows a portion of Himself to impact our lives and to experience His goodness. Notice that Apostle Paul tells Timothy and also us that we should not neglect these gifts. To neglect means to be careless, considering something as insignificant and lacking perceived value. The gift that God places in our lives is of the utmost importance to our earthly journey and throughout eternity.

The Lord desires to reveal to each one of us the gift that we are called to operate in. The way we can begin to understand and operate in our gift is to seek God for what He has given. In Matthew 7:7, the scripture tells us “seek, and you will find.”

I want to encourage you to let your life be one that is forever seeking after God’s will and purpose for your life. Personal fulfillment will be found as we avoid a place called neglect.

God Bless!